Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) emerges as an essential metric for measuring the effectiveness of production processes. Calculated from availability, throughput and quality, OEE provides a comprehensive view of operational efficiency.
This article explores the significance of OEE in ROI analysis and how 4i Platform, our industry-dedicated technology platform, plays a key role in measuring and leveraging efficiency.

OEE and ROI Analysis

OEE is an indicator that measures the efficiency of industrial machinery, thus becoming a crucial tool within the manufacturing industry. ROI, on the other hand, is a ratio between net income and investment. OEE is fundamental to ROI analysis by quantifying the impact of investments in production improvements.
By improving OEE, downtime is reduced, production speed is increased and defects are minimized. These improvements can lead to reduced operating costs, which, in turn, can contribute to a more positive ROI. In turn, if equipment operates more efficiently, overall production can increase without additional investment.

How to measure OEE?

It is key to measure the OEE of your processes, as this will help you analyze the efficiency of your machines to increase productivity and, facilitates the maintenance and monitoring of your equipment. If OEE is low, it means there is room for improvement – something is not allowing you to achieve the expected production. The closer the OEE is to 100%, the closer we are to maximum production capacity.

How to Improve OEE?

Several factors influence OEE, and improving them can boost overall efficiency:

  • Availability: Availability is optimized through preventive maintenance and efficient troubleshooting.
  • Throughput: Improving production speed involves optimizing processes and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Quality: Reducing defective products involves implementing quality controls and training employees.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker

4i Platform and OEE

4i Platform allows you to get a complete view of your plant’s processes and monitor all equipment 24/7 in real time. It features OEEasy, a comprehensive solution to measure OEE and boost industrial efficiency. This tool provides data entry screens to manage shift schedules, downtime justification, product line and quality issues.

How does OEEasy work?

  • Configure: Connect OEEasy to your machines to acquire data through sensors or OPC asset solutions.
  • Calculate: Use OEEasy to measure your plant productivity and receive manufacturing metrics reports.
  • Analyze: Evaluate OEE charts and indicators for effective and efficient decision making.
  • Optimize: Use OEEasy as a tool for continuous process improvement and optimize your industrial machinery.

We can say then that OEE is a crucial metric in ROI analysis, since its improvement leads to cost reduction, productivity increase and quality improvement. 4i Platform, as an industrial technology platform, positions itself as a strategic ally by providing advanced tools for efficient OEE management. By adopting this platform, companies can optimize their operations and maximize the return on their investments in real time and from any mobile device.

To discover how 4i Platform can boost your company’s efficiency and improve OEE, visit our 4i Platform website or contact us at sales@4iplatform.com.

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