Managers need to know what happens at every stage of the production process. Also, they need to make all kinds of decisions, from how much raw material to purchase to calculate delivery time. Automated production tracking provides the information necessary to improve processes, reduce costs, and boost efficiency. Production tracking software like OEEasy collects data from your machines that can be visualized in real time to make data-driven decisions.

Tracking production manually on an Excel sheet or even a whiteboard placed on the shop floor is not unheard of. However, since the current trend is to move towards smart manufacturing, managers should consider automating the process with cutting-edge production tracking software.

How To Track Production with OEEasy

What Exactly Is the OEEasy Production Tracking Software?

In a nutshell, OEEasy is a web-based app that calculates OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). OEE is the industry standard for measuring manufacturing productivity and is calculated by multiplying the following factors: availability, performance, and quality. The ideal OEE score is 85%. However, the average typical score is around 60%. It indicates there is room for improvement and OEEasy will tell you what, where, and when to improve. The secret to increasing this score is to identify the planned production time that is truly productive and make the necessary adjustments.


To know more about our OEEasy web-based app, you can subscribe with your local representative or schedule a meeting with our sales team here. Then, connect it to your equipment. It will collect production data either through sensors or protocol communications to plant controllers such as PLCs. You just need the output count signal of your machine. OEEasy will monitor the status of your production lines 24/7 and will create charts and reports with your data. Subsequently, you will be able to access the information any time from any device.  

How It Works

It is a known fact that the more information you have, the better the decisions you make. Our OEEasy production tracking software provides the information you need, when you need it, to make data-driven decisions. Our app measures productivity, runtimes, downtimes, and product quality. Then, you analyze the charts and make decisions about resource optimization and process improvement. This will allow you to keep improving your process.

Proven Results

One of our clients needed help with their processes. They started with an OEE rating of 37 in their bottle filling line. After a year, it went up to 67 without even making drastic operational changes. Production losses went down to 79 hours from the original 174. In that period, they experienced an increase of 800 hours in runtime. Almost a month’s worth of production time! Imagine what OEEasy can do for your manufacturing business.


Advantages of Our Production Tracking Software

  • Easy setup: start working with minimum signals and work your way up through plant digitalization.
  • Cloud storage: storing your data in the cloud means you have access 24/7 from any device connected to the Internet. The security of our data is guaranteed, and no maintenance is needed. 
  • Wireless connection: no need to install a wired network on your premises.
  • Real time monitoring: see it as it happens.

Roundup of Potential Problems and How OEEasy Provides a Solution.

Problem: It is a struggle to reach optimal production levels.

Solution: OEEasy calculates OEE in real time with real and quantifiable data that drives decisions, optimizes production, and reduces time and costs.

Problem: It is hard to measure downtime and spot which machines stopped and why.

Solution: OEEasy tells you exactly when and why a piece of equipment stopped.

Problem: Manual tracking inevitably leads to costly errors.

Solution: Our system collects data automatically and manual input is minimal. Consequently, there is less room for error.

 Problem: Not knowing the exact productivity indicators makes it hard to understand the production process.  

Solution: Our app measures performance, quality, and availability in order to detect and correct the loss of efficiency.