Pharmaceuticals manufacturers face many challenges in the Digital Age. Although new technologies have created more opportunities for process improvement, rules and regulations have delayed its implementation and it is taking longer than in other industries.  Strict documentation, data integrity, and process validation rules create an environment where rule compliance is more important than continuous improvement.   

However, this has some benefits. There are more tools than ever before that improve quality and performance. Many even promise to make automated order fulfillment processes an effortless part of the quality process.

4i Platform invites you to read this article about Pharma 4.0, where we describe how the pharmaceutical industry adopted Industry 4.0 technology and how 4i Platform helped.

Pharma 4.0: What Is It and What Is Its Purpose?

In the pharmaceutical industry, digitization means the conversion of data generated during a drug’s lifecycle -from development to marketing- into a digital format. On the other hand, Pharma 4.0 is the automated sharing of information and process knowledge. In a nutshell, Pharma 4.0 is to the pharmaceutical industry what Industry 4.0 is to manufacturing.

In other words, Pharma 4.0 is the digitalization of a pharmaceutical plant’s operations. This model utilizes such disruptive technologies as IoT, Big Data, 3D printing, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.   

What is Pharma 4.0’s purpose? To maintain high quality standards in pharmaceuticals manufacturing and to make the most effective use of technology to boost operational efficiency.  

How Would Implementing Industry 4.0 Benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Technological innovations bring benefits and, above all, change. One of the most remarkable changes in this industry will be in product manufacturing optimization through plant automation and digitalization. New processes will eliminate waste and boost productivity and will also facilitate the handling of large data sets that will make decision-making easier. Lastly, smart factory technology will be implemented, making processes faster and more efficient.      

Why Should Pharmaceutical Companies Implement IoT and Pharma 4.0?

An IoT platform can help pharmaceutical companies tackle one of their biggest challenges: the lack of connectivity. These companies have large amounts of information about their processes but many cannot access it, remotely or on site. The lack of connectivity seriously hinders process optimization and quality improvement during manufacture, as well as the implementation of a Pharma 4.0 plan company-wide.

4i Platform and the Pharmaceutical Industry 

4i Platform makes smart manufacturing implementation easy and fast. We guide companies through their digital transformation, boosting productivity, efficiency, and quality with the use of new technologies.

We provide IoT tools for an easy and fast Industry 4.0 implementation.

Visualize all your manufacturing process through our platform to identify and eliminate waste. Know what happens on the shop floor in real time with 4i Platform. Data analysis will help you find your hidden factory and will flag machines and production stages that need improvement so you can optimize your manufacturing processes.

Get the most out of 4i Platform tools and start making informed decisions to reduce waste and improve efficiency.