Besides OEE, it is accurate to say that we must take other manufacturing metrics into account when measuring and analyzing production. These metrics are: TEEP, OOE, and takt time. In this article, we will explain to you what they consist of and how to calculate them.

What is TEEP?

TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) is a performance metric which allows you to analyze equipment efficiency in a manufacturing plant in terms of all available time and not just scheduled time. It takes into consideration both equipment losses (measured by OEE) and schedule losses (measured by utilization).

How to calculate TEEP

Comparison Between OEE and TEEP:

  • OEE measures the amount of planned production time that is actually productive. In this article, we let you know how to calculate OEE.
  • TEEP measures the amount of time of all time of a process which is truly productive.

If your TEEP score is 100%, then you are manufacturing only good parts 24/7, as fast as possible, with no stop time. This means that you have neither schedule losses nor OEE losses.

How to calculate TEEP?

TEEP = OEE X Utilization

In this way, you can calculate utilization:

Utilization = Planned Production Time / All Time

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What is OOE?

OOE (Overall Operations Effectiveness) is a manufacturing metrics which takes unscheduled time into account, taking total operations time as the maximum.

OEE and OOE are similar, but one differs from the other in terms of the amount of time they take into consideration. OOE takes account of unscheduled time, for instance, if a machine is not working due to maintenance.

On the contrary, OEE only considers scheduled time. OEE calculation ignores if a machine is down due to maintenance, or inspection.


What Is Takt Time?

Takt time is a manufacturing metric that deals with how fast units must be manufactured to meet customer demand.

It allows you to optimize productive capacity in a more efficient way by meeting demand without accumulating too many stockpiles.

Takt Time Calculation

How to calculate takt time

To obtain an accurate result of takt time calculation, you must demarcate the total available production time and accurately establish the average customer demand.

What Is the Importance of Takt Time?

Defining takt time is key to optimizing your equipment’s productive capacity and reducing your manufacturing process’ waste. Takt time can help you sustain an ongoing production flow and reduce inefficiencies in your production lines.

Besides, takt time will help you prevent overproduction, thus reducing storage costs.

It is important to measure the manufacturing metrics we mentioned beforehand so that your plant can manufacture goods at full capacity, reduce waste and inefficiencies and gain a more efficient control over your productive processes.

These manufacturing metrics will help you obtain more accurate results and prevent machine downtime, thus improving productivity.