The rise of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector is happening at a rapid rate. Technological advancements are the backbone of this evolution and now it is better known as Smart factory IoT.

However, it is crucial to have key technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Automation, and the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIOT.

Smart Factories, as part of connected and adaptive production, offer a unique opportunity to adopt innovative technology, so it is possible to meet the demanding production goals.

Smart Factory IoT

The smart factory IoT is heavily dependent on smart manufacturing. With the use of data, companies can be highly connected and digitalized with their production.

IIoT solutions help to accelerate the adoption of digital manufacturing so companies can improve their productivity, delivery, and energy costs.

Just like Industry 4.0 will introduce new technologies as part of intelligent manufacturing, they will be in smart factories too.

  • Robotics adoption at a deeper level, such as drones, could replace human work.
  • Machine learning examines the data collected by sensors and monitoring devices, so, companies can make real-time production decisions.
  • The IIoT solutions creates a network of connected devices that can make autonomous decisions.


IIoT solutions are more focused on connectivity, data analysis, and automation as part of a vast digital ecosystem. Companies must attach sensors to physical assets with their new IIoT technology.

These sensors collect data wirelessly and then use machine learning and analytics to take action.

IIoT transforms linear manufacturing supply chains into interconnected, digital supply networks (DSN), which makes factories more efficient, reduce costs, and lowers risk for human operators.

One of the most distinctive features of IIoT systems is the sensors that detect when a machine is down or at a temperature too high. These sensors track the cause of the problem and trigger a service call.

People call this process “Predictive Manufacturing“, a fascinating system that transforms data into information to make intelligent decisions about the machine, process, or other objects.