Nowadays, since more and more devices are connected, Industry 4.0 is at risk of cyberattacks. For this reason, cybersecurity has become the top priority of many companies.

What is cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity entails the protection of computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from cyberattacks.  

The successful implementation of cybersecurity measures mainly consists in preventing both internal and external cyberattacks in industries.  


The adoption of cybersecurity measures will benefit your company, since they will: 

  • Protect your company against malware, ransomware, phishing, and social engineering. 
  • Secure data and networks. 
  • Reduce recovery time after a cyberattack.  
  • Serve end users. 
  • Enhance the trust developers and clients have in the product. 

The Need for Cybersecurity Measures

Industry 4.0 is appealing to attackers due to intellectual property. Hackers could steal information regarding processes, products, or technologies in use which may include confidential design blueprints, secret formulas, or detailed assembly processes.  

Therefore, it is highly important that we protect both data collection processes and integrity of communication amongst the company’s different devices and that we secure confidential data regarding the company’s production to prevent a cyberattack.  

<<Ensure data security and privacy>> 

Advice on How to Prevent Cyberattacks

Since software systems can eliminate possible threats, their adoption is key for preventing cyberattacks. Also, these programs possess effective protection measures against malwares and other malicious elements. 

Some advice:  

  • Protect your equipment 
  • Use strong passwords 
  • Follow security protocols 
  • Check if profiles and links are legitimate 
  • Back up your data 

These are just some tips for you to bear in mind when surfing the internet so as to keep your data secure.  

Cybersecurity’s Role in the Manufacturing Sector 

The security systems of manufacturing companies should be divided into two different but somehow interconnected parts: physical security and cybersecurity. These elements are closely interconnected, since any problem which goes against the physical security of an individual may become a cybernetic problem and vice versa. In fact, lately, cybersecurity has gained significant importance in the manufacturing industry since many other factors depend on it.  

Cyberattacks can entail not only the loss of highly valuable confidential data, but also a series of security breaches which can compromise the physical integrity of workers. 

Since manufacturing infrastructures are increasingly being attacked, manufacturing has become a key element on the agenda of these companies. New infrastructures have replaced humans in many large-scale production and manufacturing activities due to their efficiency, precision, and security. 

Industry 4.0 is here to stay, and it is imperative to take security measures, since they will be able to prevent cyberattacks and to avoid the loss of highly valuable confidential data. 

Bet on Industrial Cybersecurity and Leave Cyberattacks Behind

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