OEEasy – OEE Software

Achieve more in less time!

Minimize downtime, increase productivity by up to 20% with OEEasy—a vital OEE software. It empowers manufacturers to elevate their production.

OEEasy is a web-based app wich measure OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) in your production lines in terms of quality, performance,and availability.

4 Steps towards smart manufacturing:

1- Setup

Connect OEEasy to your machibes in order to acquire data either throught sensors or OPC asset solutions.

2- Measure

Measure and summariza your plant’s productivity with manufacturing metric reports when using OEEasy.

3- Analyze

Analyze OEE charts and indicators for effective and efficient decision-making.

4- Optimize

Use OEEasy as a tool for continuous process improvement and optimize your resources and machines.

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