Data Acquisition, also known as DAS, DAQ, or DAU, is the process of sampling signals that measure genuine physical aspects and converting them into digital information.

For example, this process can measure current, voltage, temperature, strain, or digital signals in a room as a digital value using a sensor. As a result, these signals can be displayed, analyzed, and stored by a computer or software for your unique application.

Nowadays, modern data acquisition systems, such as 4i Data acquisition, can include different aspects, such as:

  • Analysis and reporting software
  • Network connectivity
  • Remote control
  • Monitoring options

All major changes start with deep insight observations, so, the 4i software, hardware, and cloud services are designed for a smooth transition to obtain a complete and integrated plant operation system using scattered automation data.

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Components of 4i data acquisition system

The 4i data acquisition systems have four significant segments that make the entire measurement of genuine physical aspects possible:

  • Sensors or transducers: To convert physical parameters to electrical signals.
  • Signal conditioning:To convert sensor signals into a digital form. This process allows to change them into digital values.
  • Analog and digital converter: To convert conditioned sensor signals into digital values.
  • Software: To display, analyze, and store for your unique application.

Independent data acquisition

Start data collection from day 1 with 4i

Above all, the 4i platform allows you to connect quickly to complex or customized SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) with a variety of sensors and instruments. It also gives you instant access from a web application where you can find your databases.

Infrastructure flexibility

Cloud connectivity or local site

Most importantly, the 4i platform gives you the option to choose which platform is best for you and your business. Light and Enterprise 4i servers let you build as you go or keep everything in place for when you need it.

The system can also grow according to your requirements. In addition, you can also communicate with a 4i Agent or an OPC Agent (open source component). There are multiple programmable logic controller brand drivers.

Operator interaction

Information visualization might have a broad of different data domains, however, the 4i system uses powerful apps to easily integrate into your staff. As a result, it will be easy to check the graphic representations.

Let 4i calculate efficiency, downtime counts, and other metrics to eliminate wasted time. Your team will have the opportunity to make better choices by using apps such as OEEasy and CEnergy.

Robust and flexible architecture

The 4i data acquisition devices and applications are versatile and can be used in a variety of industries and environments. They provide concrete digital information that integrates both the standard PLC-based tags and those data points that are often overlooked.

Reasons why you should have 4i data acquisition system

  1. Improves the efficiency and reliability of your processes
  2. Problems are analyzed and solved faster
  3. Eliminates data redundancy
  4. Decrease update errors
  5. Increased data integration and reliance on other programs
  6. Improved access to data for users
  7. Improves data security
  8. Lower costs for data entry storage and retrieval
  9. Quality control
  10. Supervision without human interaction

In conclusion, using this system will allow you to obtain valuable information that will improve the production of your business and increase the economic benefit.

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