The industrial IoT platform becomes the foundation upon which the successful implementation of IoT projects are founded.  

Without an effective platform, any large-scale industrial IoT deployment will fail to accomplish its true full value.

The Top Five Benefits of Industrial IoT Platforms

Help Lower Costs

The management and maintenance of disparate industrial IoT devices and networks can become expensive, time-consuming and a bit complicated. An industrial IoT platform focuses on the complete management process reducing a great deal of the burden and cost. 

Aid In Improving Operations

Industrial IoT solutions provide real-time information on the performance of equipment and  to help streamline and improve business processes and workflows. 

By properly capturing IoT data and enabling integration with data from other internal external sources, the industrial IoT platform facilitates operational improvements in areas such as predictive maintenance and track and trace based supply chain visibility.

Assist In Improving Production

Additionally, the platform provides the basis to deploy new industrial IoT applications – such as Digital Twins – that can assist in driving innovation and efficiency through new product design, development and production.

Monetize IoT data

Innovative companies are already starting to leverage the insight they receive from their IoT data to help develop new products and services. Over the lifecycle of a product, after-sales and service are often more profitable than the original purchase. 

The industrial IoT platform gives data an opportunity to be captured and analyzed at each stage of product production and usage. This enables the creation of new data-driven service packages as well as completely new data-driven products.

Improve IoT Security

IoT devices notoriously lack enterprise-strength security. Devices such as industrial IoT sensors have a small amount of computing capacity beyond performing its specific reporting task rather than providing layers of security. 

Overall, the benefits industrial IoT platforms include identity management capabilities–such as secure authentication and authorization–to make sure IoT endpoints do not become vulnerable to a cyberattack.