Apply Industrial IoT in manufacturing to help: 

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Enable new lines of business
  • And improve overall productivity 

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is the secure and scalable building blocks of the smart factory, delivering intelligence to your operating assets and valuable insights from the data generated.

Preventive Maintenance, Precisely Timed

Using networked Industrial IoT sensors on the assembly line such as vibration and temperature, smart manufacturing can help track key indicators of equipment wear. 

Tighter Quality Management

The smart factory lets manufacturers detect mechanical anomalies prior to having them affect product quality and notice even the tiniest imperfections with machine learning algorithms. 

Industrial IoT solutions assist in tightening quality controls, adding data analytics and intelligence throughout the production process — from the supply chain to the factory floor.

Measure and Manage Machines

IIoT technologies integrate with existing equipment to help collect and analyze performance data all along your production line. 

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is improved in the smart factory by using networked IIoT sensors and intelligent devices to make mechanical operations more visible.

Connected Workers Safer, More Productive

Industrial IoT-enabled sensors, devices, and wearables alert workers in the smart factory to hazards and augment their performance in challenging environments. 

From offshore drilling rigs to fulfillment warehouses, IIoT solutions aid in delivering information to connected workers that increases overall safety and productivity.

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